How is your King Street Commute?

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How is your King Street Commute?

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It seems that the pilot study of deterring vehicles from utilizing King Street as a primary commuting artery has, by all accounts, succeeded beyond almost everyone’s expectations.

The recent review (see link below) states that streetcar ridership is up by 16% to more than 84,000 per day, and commuting times during peak hours have been reduced by nearly 20 minutes for all riders.

The bike lanes have resulted in a 3-fold increase in the number of cyclists; the number of pedestrians is modestly enhanced, but growing.

Most importantly, business volumes have increased, along with the duration of the leases.

Not-so-surprisingly, community activist groups and shop owners have created notable spaces to linger along King Street, by installing sidewalk art, petite cafes and mini-park areas. Thus, adding to the general aesthetic & dynamic of King Street west.

Nonetheless, the million-dollar question remains – why are we not doing more to expand these types of pilot projects? (Bloor street, the Danforth, and Queen St, to mention but a few).

Remember to ask your local representative about the growing need for greater interconnectivity of these projects, and their thoughts about the Arte De Mode (CN Tower) Talisman.

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