Making Quarantine Fun!

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Now that schools and non-essential businesses are closed, and most parents are either working from home, or taking time off entirely, we become faced with a great challenge… coping with boredom. Also, specifically for kids, learning has hit a stand-still.

The staff at Accurate (Peel) Appraisals have developed some interesting and educational activities to make the best out of this current situation.


1. Spring cleaning: Spring is here, and with it comes rain. Thus, unless you are an avid believer in rain-dancing and puddle-jumping, which can absolutely be fun, this weather is a cause to stay indoors. So, why not sort through toys, clothes, outgrown shoes and winter-wear, and think about donating these items to those less-fortunate in your community. This could also be an opportunity to teach young children about the important lessons of reducing, reusing, and recycling!

2. Art: Expressing yourself artistically can be an incredible stress reliever for both children and adults. Whether it be painting, drawing, singing, learning a new instrument, writing, dancing, etc. Why not take a negative situation, and use it as an opportunity to explore your creativity?

3. Cooking/baking: Social distancing, and evidently avoiding grocery stores, has turned many into the Master Chefs of gourmet cooking with non-perishables! Play “What’s in the Pantry?” with your kids. Perhaps you will create a new family favourite; at the very least, you will have fun! This is also an opportunity to teach kids about safe cooking/baking techniques. This is also an opporunity to try out fun two-ingredient recipes using only what you have available – for example, cake batter and Pepsi!

4. Learning about Nature: You would be surprised what you can learn from a short walk – maintaining social distancing – and even in your own backyard. Take a moment to observe and appreciate various trees, flowers, and creatures. Take pictures with your phone or camera, and spend some time googling the different species and learning about their unique qualities!

5. Take advantage of modern technology: Download apps that allow you to use technology to spend time with family and friends, while maintaining social/physical distancing. We recommend group video chats through apps like Google Hangouts. Perhaps, have a costume contest each time you logon, and see which person sits in front of the camera wearing the most outrageous costume! Also, apps like Jackbox Games allows you to virtually play fun games with your loved ones – like having board games night, but from a distance!

6. This recommendation is for adults in particular! Here are a few tips on how to make the best of being quarantined with your significant other:

  • Make sure to do your own thing! Take an hour or more to yourself on a daily basis to watch an episode of a show, work on your pinterest board, play a video game, read a book – anything you prefer to do alone that allows you to unwind and de-stress.

  • Plan date night from home! Watch a new movie on Netflix, eat popcorn and candy like you would at the theatre, or perhaps a picnic in the backyard, board games, a home workout challenge—you would be surprised how many options there are!

  • Cook and clean together. Normally time constraints after work cause couples to divide and conquer! Now that you have more time, do your regular routine tasks together, and take it as an opportunity to talk/catch up/learn new things about each other.

We welcome you to reach out to us with any additional ideas you may have! We are stronger together during this pandemic, so let’s help each other find ways to make the best of it!

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