Budgeting TCT Safety in 2020

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If you have been following our blogs pertaining to safety and improvements of the Trans Canada Trailway over the years, you are aware of the efforts for change that have been exerted. Moreover, if you viewed our blog titled For the Love of Country, you are aware that we have been in correspondence with Kyle Seeback, MP for Dufferin-Caledon, to initiate change in this regard.
Mr. Seeback has communicated our concerns to Bill Morneau, Minister of Finance, in an effort to obtain funding for our proposed improvements. We were recently provided with a copy of a follow-up notice that was sent to Mr. Morneau, as a reminder to please consider budgeting for the requested safety improvements, once we have overcome our current safety concern… Covid-19.
It is truly comforting to see that Mr. Seeback’s support for our concerns has not wavered in light of the various additional budgeting concerns that have likely surfaced due to the Coronavirus.
There is hope that once this dreadful virus is in our rearview, and we are once again able to enjoy the outdoors with our loved ones, perhaps we will be marching straight ahead toward a safer trailway system – without a glimpse of fear.
Wishing you a wonderful Thursday!

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