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Often raised in conversation is the trivial question, “why do people who live downtown Toronto choose to commute by car?”

Yes, there are various alternative means of transportation, including the public system, but public transportation simply isn’t for everyone. So what is another efficient way to travel to work while avoiding gridlock traffic? Simple… bicycle. But, it truly isn’t that simple.

Let us raise another question, have you ever driven in the city, and had a cyclist suddenly appear in your blindspot? Surely, a moment like this would cause one’s heart to sink, but just imagine being the exposed bike rider, as opposed to sitting in the more secure confines of a motor vehicle.

A solution to this problem, which comes equipped with various other benefits, would be for Toronto to adopt the slow street methodology. Essentially, lanes on major streets, for example King St, would be reduced to one lane, and the second lane would be solely accessible to cyclists. To even further improve the safety of this option, barriers could also be added to separate the two lanes, evidently preventing direct interaction between vehicles and bicycles.

Additional advantages of this system include, but certainly are not limited to, the following:

1. Safer streets and neighbourhoods

2. Better for the environment, as cycling does not cause pollution

3. Healthier for commuters who trade driving for biking

4. Potentially less congested roads, assuming less Torontonians choose to drive

Some other cities have adopted similar tactics – see the following article:

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