The Game of Chess & COVID-19’s 2nd Wave!

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The Game of Chess & COVID-19’s 2nd Wave!

According to legend, the mathematician who invented the world renowned game of chess asked for a single grain of rice on the first square, as a reward, and twice as many on each successive square. This geometric progression resulted in demonstrating that one could not possibly produce enough rice to placate his reward.

This demonstrates that starting points matter! America now has 6.5 million documented cases of COVID-19 – a substantial leap from the supposed 12 cases in early January 2020.

Presently, Florida has just declared for 2 weeks in a row having >15,000 new cases of Coronavirus being reported daily. Texas has been consistently reporting 12 to 1500 new cases a day for the last couple of weeks. Their medical capabilities are – by most accounts – already stretched to the limit.

America is home to at least 15 million undocumented residents. One can only wonder how many of these individuals also have undocumented cases of COVID-19.

Simply, this will be the new normal until such time that there is a proper vaccine that can be distributed affordably worldwide, or the virus morphs into a more benign form and fades into memory (shades of the Spanish Flu of 1917 to 1921).

For the time being, we must all simply continue to wear masks, wash and sanitize our hands frequently, and maintain a safe distance from others, and hopefully this compliance will assist in keeping cases low, and expediting the release of an effective vaccine.

We at Accurate (Peel) Appraisals are sending positive thoughts worldwide. Hopefully – sooner rather than later – we can win this game of chess, and COVID-19 will be history!

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