Bicycle Lanes on Yonge Street

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Yes Dorothy, dreams do come true!
Bike lanes running from Lawrence to Bloor have been approved by City council for the summer of 2021.
Toronto the bad, is quickly turning into Toronto the good.  John Tory and council should be loudly applauded for making our city more pedestrian friendly and a finer place to call home.
What’s next, affordable rents throughout the G.T.A.?
Well for those of us that still believe that Toronto can become an affordable world class city,
gently close your eyes and make that next to impossible wish.  It may just be coming true!
As we speak, literally thousands of Toronto condo rentals are reducing their asking prices. There has been a flood of Airbnbs hitting the rental markets. Several developers are offering rental space in their undersold towers. If the basic principals of supply and demand continue to operate efficiently through the duration of the C 19 quarantine, there will be a plethora of mid and low market condos be offered over the next 3 economic quarters.
For additional details please feel free to contact anyone one of our 4 affiliated offices.

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