New vs Resale

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Buyers often ponder endlessly over the advantages associated with buying a new home versus a resale.

Given that normal parameters such as location, lot size and near-term expenses are equal, a well conditioned resale offers the best value.

Let us focus on the aforementioned location and lot size.

There is an almost unanimous agreement that new home lot sizes are shrinking.  Regular detached lots are often 30 by 90 or less. Whereas 50 by 120 lots or larger were fairly standard for detached homes up until the mid 1980s. There are tens of thousands of such similar lots and homes scattered throughout the heartland of the G.T.A

When it comes to location, traditional older subdivisions were designed and built around the concepts of transport, education and social commerce accessibility.

Newer subdivisions tend to come with the promise of an ultra bright future, so long as one is prepared to wait a decade.

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