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Protecting Trail Visitors

Recently, we have seen an uptake in the number of urban tourists visiting our hamlets & villages, by traversing the trailways.

Largely due to the COVID-19 quarantine, this mushrooming phenomena of Urban tourism will predominate the service sector economy into the foreseeable future.
Factually, hundreds – if not thousands – regularly traverse on the 32 km Caledon trail every fine weather weekend. This number could grow exponentially with modest support regarding safety upgrades. The additional 260 km of Headwaters trails are another well-utilized crown jewel.
Throw in the overlapping Etobicoke creek trail, the Shelburne Owen Sound trail, the T.C.T, the Great Waterfront, and you have tens of thousands of kms of beautiful leisure space spurring from our tiny community.
Providing safe transit, especially along our trailways, should be a top priority for all levels of cyclists, backpackers & equestrians.
When one travels the length of just the Caledon Trailway, it is irrefutable that the Inglewood areas receive the lowest level of general maintenance (i.e. crushed gravel screenings, etc.).
The most conspicuous safety issue concerns the trail crossing at Olde Base Line. There is no real traffic calming element for vehicles descending off the escarpment; speeds are often well in excess of any posted limit. A novice cyclist could easily loose control on the steep roadside embankment.
Knowing that Old Base Line Rd is a designated cycle route, plus acknowledging the redundancy of the plethora of 3-season speed bumps installed around a closed badlands parking lot & viewing platform, would it not be possible to relocate or install additional traffic calming elements either at, or closer to, the trail crossing?
Perhaps, championing these small safety issues which would inevitably ameliorate business conditions throughout the Headwaters region, would be the catalyst behind the true renaissance of sustained tourism throughout the Headwaters region.
All local businesses, but especially the B & Bs, restaurants, farm retailers, etc. will desperately need the assistance over the coming years.
Lastly, we would like to extend our thanks to Kyle Seeback, for following up with Minister Morneau regarding factoring trail improvements into the budget for 2020. The staff at our Caledon office was thrilled to read a copy of your letter; we appreciate your support!
Feel free to reach out to our Caledon office with your input!
On another note, please feel keep an eye out for the unkind individuals who have been breaking into vehicles in the Caledon area! See below for more information.

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