Looking For The Regular Suspects!

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The spring avian migration season of 2022 has apparently lured a most deadly visitor to the headwaters of S/W Ontario.


 What we suspect, is that H5N1 has descended amongst our wild waterfowl. These colorful happy wanderers may have fallen victim to this insidious virus while wintering south of the border. Thousands of seagulls and hundreds of duck deaths are being reported along the shorelines of Lake Erie and Ontario. Raptors of every description are feasting on this smorgasbord of carrion.


Bird lovers all over the Bruce Peninsula are reporting an array of lethargic behavior from several predator birds. like bald eagles, hawks and vultures. These majestic birds appear to be drunk, as they struggle to walk or hold their heads upright. This disease is normally fatal and highly contagious.


 Please report ASAP any similar sightings to www.peelregion.ca. Unfortunately, these majestic masters of the thermal currents should be euthanized to mitigate the spread of this contagion.


If you would like to read more, check out the blog we wrote earlier this year here!


Check out this navigation map to review what areas are affected!

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